2 = setback, blow, reversal, snafu, swipe, slap.
Ex. This article traces the beginning of library automation in Denmark, outlining the plans and setbacks which were experienced.
Ex. The Great War of 1914-18 was a heavy blow for the Bulletin, from which it never really recovered, and in the 1920s it gradually sank under its own weight, helped by a forced move from its previous quarters to make room for a trade fair.
Ex. Libraries are struggling to hold on and maintain quality in the face of adversity and reversal.
Ex. The article is entitled 'Thirty years on -- an age of snafu problems of coordinating libraries'.
Ex. In fact it is an exaltation of the Kyoto protocol and a thinly disguised swipe at those countries who have not signed up.
Ex. And actually a good slap is said to be statistically more likely to result in a child with agression and conduct problems, you may be interested to hear.
* dar un revés = deal + a blow, give + a blow, strike + a blow, slap.
* duro revés = cruel blow.
* revés de la fortuna = reversal of fortune.
* revés fulminante = crushing blow.
* sufrir un revés = take + an unfortunate turn, take + a pounding, take + a beating.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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